Where Your Dreams come true!

Franciele made her dream of visiting Disney and meeting Mickey come true! And I had the joy of being part of this dream by accompanying Fran to do a beautiful photoshoot at Disneyland.

Disney Paris is smaller than the US but even if you have already visited the American branch, it is worth visiting Disney Parisian as well.

It is divided into two parks :

Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios 

Click here to buy tickets to one or two Disneyland Paris parks.

This My tip is that you visit both parks, even if you only have one day available for Disney, as it is always better to do a little bit of each than to do just one.

Now if you have more days available and fit in your budget I suggest that you stay for at least two days in one of the Disney hotels or one near by. 

So you can visit the two parks with much more time and enjoy even more.

To visit the main attractions without the long wait you can book a Fast Pass. The value of Fast Pass varies according to the date of your visit and the attractions you want to avoid the wait, the value goes between€ 30 and€ 150 per person.

To learn more about Fast Pass click on the link below:

Fast Pass Disneyland Paris

And to turn your day to be even more magical, click here and book your photoshoot at Disneyland Paris and make this day unforgettable!!!!

See Below more pictures of Fran on her Disney Princess day.